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mini sneaker keychains Foam (10 colorways) 5 cm

mini sneaker keychains Foam (10 colorways) 5 cm

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This is a pair of mini sneaker keychains Foamposite released in 1997.


Nobody had seen anything like this before. A shoe with futuristic look with high technology and a very tiny nike swoosh near the toe. Some people love them, and some other hate them but let's be honest those kicks are just amazing!



  • Size = 5 cm/1.97 inches
  • Handpainted and Handcrafted ( 35-45 min per shoe!)
  • Perfect gift for sneakerheads, basketball fans, Michael Jordan fans
  • Awesome if you already own the real pair =)
  • Still awesome if you don't own the real pair =) =)
  • Amazing also for finger skating and for action figures 1/6
  • Make your keys or your backback look cooler than ever
  • WE SHIP WORLDWIDE (average 7-10 days)
  • You can buy a SINGLE foot or a PAIR
  • 30 day money back guarantee

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